Wednesday, April 13, 2011

EVERY ROSE HAS ITS' THORN ...but wait... so do palm trees, wild bushes, pine trees, and grasshoppers!!!

This week I set out to my observation location and relaxed, soaked in nature, and observed for an hour or so.  I had some really great observations from my still location, however, on the way back I walked through my neighborhood and saw all these wonderful roses at full bloom! So of course, “I stopped to smell the roses”. 

While I was smelling (a.k.a. observing)  I examined their vibrant colors, the petal synchronization, the stems, and growth patterns. 

It was here the I began to notice other things ------> BIG THORNS!

I thought my observation time was over when I was finished “smelling the roses” but as I made my way back to my house I observed that …

… palm trees had thorns (saw-like teeth) !

… … wild bushes along the sidewalk had thorns (prickles) !

… … …pine trees have similar thorns (needles) growing outward !

… … … … even grasshoppers have thorns (spikes) along their back extension parts !

So as I tackled the “function of nature” this week my understanding is that the all these thorns, prickles and spines are a means for protection (a defense mechanism) to the plant or organism.  I guess we can look to thorns as our natural barbwire! We could use plants with thorns as a security blanket around our homes to keep others out OR around fences that house chickens(other animals) to keep predators away. 

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